Grads at Work: Kyle Sieber, Plant Manager, Walters Inc.

Kyle Sieber credits Mohawk with giving him the confidence to rise from a General Labourer to a Plant Manager at Walters Inc. within a decade

His time at Mohawk College, Kyle Sieber gained the confidence to challenge himself and to rise from a General Labourer to Plant Manager in just 10 years at steel fabrication and construction company, Walters Inc. He completed a three-year metal fabricating apprenticeship at night school while working at Walters full time. 

As a welder, Sieber had the opportunity to work on large projects including the Canadian Museum for Human Rights in Winnipeg and the Brookfield Place Entry Pavilion in New York City. 

When Sieber became a fitter at Walters, the more he got into it, the more he challenged himself each and every day on complex pieces. His Plant Manager took notice and saw something in him. His involvement on two bridge projects in 2017 changed the trajectory of his career. He played a key role in the steel fabrication of the dramatic new Toronto Eaton Centre Pedestrian Bridge and was then tasked with leading the building of massive and complex truss elements for the arched Burgoyne Bridge in St. Catharines. 

“I was organizing the work, taking care of all the materials coming in and handling the flow through the shop. Walters gave me the lead fitter role opportunity on the project, so I took and ran with it and never looked back,” says Sieber. 

From there, Sieber progressed from Team Leader to Plant Supervisor to Plant Manager in a very short time. He credits Mohawk for giving him the skills and knowledge to feel confident in challenging himself.

Mohawk students come to Walters armed with the technical and soft skills that will serve them well throughout their careers

“Sieber is among at least 40 Mohawk graduates at Walters,” says Natalia Strelbytsky, Vice President, People and Culture. “The college is a critical pipeline for skilled talent in many areas at Walters, including production, detailing, project management and administration.” 

“The college recently recognized Walters in its Future Ready Premium Partnership campaign. Mohawk students come to Walters armed with the technical and soft skills that will serve them well throughout their careers,” Strelbytsky said. “The college prepares students for a work environment where they will need to continue to learn.” 

The Walters-Mohawk partnership includes a Joint Venture Mechanical Techniques Welding program where students come to Walters Stoney Creek plant one day a week for paid, hands-on instruction from senior welders. Walters hires many of the graduates from the program. 

Sieber would often watch the students work and offer tricks or hints. “It was nice seeing the future and remembering that I was there not too long ago. It shows if you really put your head down and put your mind to it, you can become whatever you want,” says Sieber.

Image – Kyle Sieber, Plant Manager, Walters Inc.

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